Beautiful Abandon with Kristin- (NSFW)

Imagine stepping into a historic building turned into apartments & left to decay in the early 1960s. That is exactly what we found with this location. With our model Kristin & our makeup artist Marissa, we had everything we needed to create some truly beautiful & unique boudoir photos. We wanted the look to be "sweaty" & that was certainly not an issue as it had to have been at least 120°F inside this amazing location! 


Stay Cool, Nova - (NSFW)

There's nothing more refreshing on a scorching hot summer day than lounging around in a pool; but when you're this hot sometimes clothing is optional! ;) 

On a 96° day in Sarasota, FL we invited model Nova Amour over to our friend's house to cool off! Enjoy! 

Check out our behind the scenes video: